Kefalonia is rich in sights, possessing archaeological sites, Venetian castles, monasteries, caves, churches, imposing mountains, evergreen landscapes and unimaginably beautiful beaches. Visitors fall in love with the island instantly, but they usually need some time in order to get to see its beauties. Some of the most significant sights on the island are presented, but many more can be found if one takes the time to do so, and he will be richly rewarded for his effort. In the region of Assos and Svoronata, visitors can find impressive castles, while the caves in Argostoli, Sami and Fiskardo are awe-inspiring. Significant ancient ruins in Lixouri, Sami, Skala and Fiskardo, bespeak of a glorious past, lost deep into the ages. In Lixouri, there are also the ruins of the medieval Venetian castle (Palaiokastro) and the ruins of the ancient Palli. In Sami, apart from the ruins of the ancient city and the Roman mosaic, visitors can admire the rare geological phenomena of the region, which is abound with underground lakes and swallow-holes (holes in which sea waters flow and disappear underground), with Melissani -both a lake and a swallow-hole- being of spectacular interest. Fiskardo is a sight in itself, since it is the only village that was not destroyed in the earthquake of 1953, and therefore retains much of its traditional architecture. There, visitors can also see a stone sarcophagus and a throne carved on the rock. There is also an abundance of churches in every settlement, and many monasteries, the most important being the ones of Aghios Andreas of Milapidas in Svoronata and Aghios Gerasimos in Vlachata. In Argostoli, there are more impressive swallow-holes in the area of Lassi, just 2,5km away. Evidently, the waters go NE and reappear in the village of Karavomylos, opposite to Sami. Another place of interest is the Koutavos lagoon, the place where ancient Krani was once situated. As for the beaches of the island, the visitor cannot simply have enough of them; there are amazing beaches all over Kefalonia, spread with sand of silver or dark gold. Endless beauty lies in every direction, that being either fascinating nature or picturesque villages.


Place to visit

  • Melissani Cave – Sami
  • Drogarati Cave – Sami
  • De Bosset Bridge – Argostoli
  • Archaeological Museum – Argostoli
  • Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi – Argostoli
  • Mount Ainos – Ainos
  • Katavothres – Argostoli
  • Agios Gerasimos Monastery – Valsamata
  • Monastery of Kipoureon – Kaminarata
  • Castle of Saint George – Peratata
  • Monastery of Lagouvarda – Markopoulo
  • Castle of Assos – Assos
  • Monastery of Agios Andreas – Peratata
  • Monastery of Argilion – Sami
  • Monastery of Sissia – Lourdas
  • Ancient Acropolis – Sami
  • Municipal Theatre – Argostoli
  • Iakovatios Library – Lixouri
  • Cave of Agios Gerasimos – Lassi
  • Cyclopean Walls of Ancient Krani – Argostoli
  • Monastery of Panagia Atros – Poros
  • Roman Villa – Skala
  • Monastery of Themata – Agia Efimia
  • Natural History Museum – Davgata
  • Nautical Museum – Fiscardo
  • Memorial of Acqui Division – Lassi
  • Historical and Folk Art Museum – Argostoli